So, you want to become an Actor?

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Are you suffocating under the weight of a mundane existence, struggling to balance your burning passion for acting with the mundane obligations of life?

  • Trapped?

    Are you tired of feeling trapped in mediocrity, yearning for the proper training and guidance that will catapult you into the ranks of the acting elite?

  • Rejected?

    Do you tremble at the thought of rejection, haunted by self-doubt that holds you back from seizing auditions and conquering the stage?

  • Hungry?

    Do you crave connections with the industry's power players, hungry for the chance to rub shoulders with casting directors, agents, and influential actors?

  • Seeking?

    Are you lost in the labyrinth of the acting industry, desperately seeking the secret path that leads to an illustrious career?

Now I have a solution for you!

Join Our Acting Community and Elevate Your Craft to Unprecedented Heights

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    Our exclusive online actor's community is a sanctuary reserved for the select few who possess an unwavering commitment to excellence and a burning desire for greatness.

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    Immerse yourself in a world of unparalleled resources, where expert-led training programs, exclusive webinars, and closely guarded techniques await to unlock your full acting potential.

  • Actor Community

    Forge unbreakable bonds with a distinguished community of visionary actors, esteemed directors, influential casting agents, and industry titans who will elevate your status and propel you towards stardom.

  • Challenges

    Bask in the brilliance of live Q&A sessions and masterclasses hosted by renowned actors and industry insiders, granting you access to their coveted wisdom and insider secrets.

So, Who Am I?

Ian Gareth Hadfield

Founder & Coach

"My name is Ian Gareth Hadfield and I am an Acting Coach, Teacher and Mentor as well as having been an agent for over 30 years in the Entertainment Industry. I started off my career treading the boards and in front of the camera just like you, so I understand the Industry from the performer's point of view. But, as an agent, I also know exactly what it takes to build a successful freelance career and yet I see so many people embarking on this journey with no clear plan and no understanding of what it really takes to forge a career that is truly sustainable and fulfilling. It has long been my dream to create a Community that supports up and coming actors with advice that is practical and action-able immediately. To share ideas and to help thespians 'fill in the gaps' of their knowledge - the things they don't teach you in drama school! I believe every actor deserves a fighting chance to allow the world to see their talent and it breaks my heart to see people leave the Industry with their dreams dashed - simply because they didn't understand the business side of our endeavour. Or, because the technique that they have been taught is unreliable and doesn't truly grow or adapt to the actual needs of producers and directors. Let's remedy these inadequacies by creating a Community that is about the craft and business of Acting - for Actors and by Actors."

Why Pure Acting?

  • Cultivate your acting prowess through meticulously crafted training programs led by revered industry professionals.

  • Extinguish the flames of self-doubt and ignite an unshakable confidence that will captivate audiences and command attention.

  • Unveil the hidden passages of the acting industry, unraveling audition techniques, contract negotiations, and self-promotion strategies that will set you apart from the crowd.

  • Immerse yourself in an exclusive community that provides unwavering support, constructive feedback, and unparalleled inspiration.

Actors I have Coached Have Appeared in the Following Projects:

So, you want to become an Actor?

Join our dynamic online community for actors at all stages of their careers. Featuring monthly challenges, acting tips and tricks and industry insights. Meet fellow thespians from around the world and let's build each other up.

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