Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to The Monologue Challenge

    2. My Story

    3. Before We Begin...

    1. Becoming Conversational

    2. Beats & Intentions

    3. 150 Questions to Ask About Your Character

    1. Objectives & Obstacles

    2. Objectives & Obstacles Workbook

    1. Research

    2. Research Workbook & Monologue

    3. Occupations

    1. Circles of Consciousness

    2. Circles of Consciousness Workbook & Monologues

    1. Before You Go...

About this course

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Who Am I?

Ian Gareth Hadfield

Founder & Coach

"My name is Ian Gareth Hadfield and I am an Acting Coach, Teacher and Mentor as well as having been an agent for over 30 years in the Entertainment Industry. I started off my career treading the boards and in front of the camera just like you, so I understand the Industry from the performer's point of view. But, as an agent, I also know exactly what it takes to build a successful freelance career and yet I see so many people embarking on this journey with no clear plan and no understanding of what it really takes to forge a career that is truly sustainable and fulfilling. It has long been my dream to create a Community that supports up and coming actors with advice that is practical and action-able immediately. To share ideas and to help thespians 'fill in the gaps' of their knowledge - the things they don't teach you in drama school! I believe every actor deserves a fighting chance to allow the world to see their talent and it breaks my heart to see people leave the Industry with their dreams dashed - simply because they didn't understand the business side of our endeavour. Or, because the technique that they have been taught is unreliable and doesn't truly grow or adapt to the actual needs of producers and directors. Let's remedy these inadequacies by creating a Community that is about the craft and business of Acting - for Actors and by Actors."

What our students say:

“Anton Chekhov — 'The teacher must be an actor, an artist,passionately in love with his work.' @iangarethhadfield you are the embodiment of this. 🎬”

Earl Hendricks

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